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Monday, November 07, 2005


Tomorrow is Election Day, and we encourage everyone to vote. If you happen to live around Coffee to the People, in our Political Action Center we have posted all the people running for office and their websites as well as a brief summary of all the propositions on the ballot (there are almost 20 altoghether).

Several of these propositions are very important: Prop 75 would restrict political use of union dues, Prop 76 would cut school spending and give the Governor increased power to make budget cuts, and Prop 77 would change the way our redistricting is done, which could in turn impact the make-up of our state legislature and our electors for Presidential elections. Prop 73 would require doctors to tell parents whenever a minor seeks an abortion. And these aren't the only major propositions. So even though people aren't running for President or even Congress, this is a very important election.

If you can't stop by the coffehouse, you can also obtain key information from the San Francisco Department of Elections and the Secretary of State Elections Division.



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