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Friday, October 07, 2005

Dust Redux

Well, after our earlier false alarms, the roofing people actually did come this week and do the first half of their skylight replacement job. Talk about loud. The first morning was especially bad and drove a lot of our guests away. It had to be done, though. When we moved into this location, the walls under the skylight had bubbled up from water running into them from the broken skylight. Fortunately, having finally showed up the roofing crew was in and out in three days. More fortunately the skylight is not over our service area, so we did not have to shut down completely during that time.

But now the waiting begins while someone custom-makes the replacement. Meanwhile, our sunny living room is a little more cave-like (they temporarily replaced the skylight with plywood). I think they said something like six weeks. Ugh. Any suggestions on how to make that area more attractive (other than add more lights, we figured that one out) are welcome.


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