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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Worried about our visitors from New Orleans

We keep a journal in the shop so people always have a place to express themselves when they're here. I love reading what they write. Hundreds of people pass through COFFEE TO THE PEOPLE every week and their intimate statements in our little brown book make me feel like I actually get to know them a little bit.

Today I was reading through the journal and came across an undated entry from the father of a family visiting from New Orleans. The essay contains no reference to Hurricane Katrina, so I have to assume that it was written before the terrible events of this week. I can only hope that this family made it out safely. In their honor, I am excerpting the entry here:

. . . I always write from the back of the journal. You do have a wonderful coffee shop (a peaceful, comfy spot away from the storm of everyday life) and I'm glad my 2 daughters found you. We are visiting from New Orleans. I love your weather--it is hot at home! San Francisco is a great city--very unique like New Orleans.

I am from the "hippie generation" so I'm enjoying "experiencing" Haight-Ashbury. I wasn't a real hippie--just pretended to be one.

This journal is really great. I loved reading it. It seems that many of the writers are sharing their views on life--so here's mine. After being alive for 53 years, married (to the same person!) 30 years, 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys), and having experienced much of life, I have found "the peace that passes all understanding." There is only one answer, one way. Believe me, I've tried everything (almost) else. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. He's also the light in a very dark world. Go to him. . .

The rest is proselytizing, but you get the point. Anyway, I'd just like to know how this family is doing. I'm glad we were able to give them some moments of peace before hell descended upon their home.


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