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Friday, September 02, 2005

Somebody stole our poster

One aspect of COFFEE TO THE PEOPLE that makes me very proud is our unlocked bathroom policy. As far as I know, we are the only place in the Haight where you can go to the bathroom without asking permission first. It doesn't make our staff happy, but our customers love it.

The problem, of course, is that a lot of non-customers use our bathroom too. Even this wouldn't be so bad, except that because all the other places in the neighborhood lock people out, we're the only place to go. It's your basic collection action dilemma. If we all did it, things would work great, but when only a handful of places do it, it's a mess. So, during our busiest times we sometimes end up with a line to the bathroom.

On the bright side, despite dire warnings from everybody with experience in the business about what would happen if we unlocked our bathroom, ours happens to be one of the cleanest restrooms in the Haight. That's partly because Megan is very fastidious about this sort of thing, but I also have to give credit to the people of the neighborhood who seem to be behaving themselves. So far, the only graffiti is a single word ("lorax") written on the plunger.

Nonetheless, we did have a theft from our bathroom the other day. There used to be a colorful poster on the wall that listed simple things everyone can do to help build community. Things like smile at your neighbor, look people in the eye when you walk down the street, try to see life from the perspectives of others, etc. It wasn't especially valuable, but it was cute and I thought the sentiment was laudable. Alas, in an act of extreme irony somebody swiped the poster from the bathroom. I miss it. If you or someone you know has it, please bring it back. No questions asked.


At 9/03/2005 03:38:00 AM, Blogger SuperMoonMan said...

I always love me some posts about bathrooms. I definitely think that you should keep the bathroom open to the public. I think it just comes off as a kind gesture to people who actually stop and think about it. Very interesting blog, by the way.


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