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A diary of the wonderful and wacky goings on at Coffee to the People, an independent coffeehouse located at 1206 Masonic Avenue in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Riot-Folk Performs at Open Mic Night

We had a great open mic show last night. The event was hosted by WiseProof and other members of the Goddess Alchemy Project ( who describe themselves as "poets of a new dawn, singers of a new song". The night featured some great singing, poetry, and political commentary. Among the performers were Diamond Dave Whitaker, Contajus, Charles Pitts, Riot-Folk and many more.

I particularly enjoyed Riot-Folk, who treated us to a trivia game in addition to their quirky tunes. If you're not familiar with Riot-Folk, they are a collective of radical musicians acting as an anti-profit record label/performance troupe. They are "participating in the resistance by writing and distributing music that teaches, provokes, heals, and inspires." You can download their music for free at Rumor has it they may be coming to San Francisco for an extended stay. If so, we'd love to have them join us at COFFEE TO THE PEOPLE any time.


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